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The genesis of the Heart Recovery Project began with a desire to find my true heart. The general busyness of life combined with the flood of digital media/information pouring into my life triggered a desire to reboot and find my way back home.

Private James Bell

Hello there!

All humans have much in common from a physiological perspective. On a base genetic levelĀ  we are 99% the same, and yet individually we are unique. This uniqueness is magnified as it relates to matters of the heart. We each have a unique gift to give to humanity and that is our true heart. This is the special place within us that both hears from God and speaks to Him. For our true purpose to emerge the shackles and bonds must be removed from our heart so that it may triumphantly emerge. The true heart is fearless and unique whereas the wounded heart is remarkably similar in its responses from individual to individual

This website is merely a platform for recording my journey to recover my true heart. I desired a way to chronicle my path and to have a way to share the journey with my family and friends who might have an interest in this pathway. I am not sure exactly where all of this leads and that is a good thing. I do feel a deep responsibility to be my best self for myself and everyone I encounter.

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